Top 5 Micheladas in Brownsville, TX

    If you are from the Rio Grande Valley I'm sure you have had your share of Micheladas. Micheladas are very popular here and you can find them in restaurants/bars, drive thru locations and even at convenience stores. The Michelada is a cousin to the Bloody Mary but uses beer instead of vodka and other spices. Micheladas are also now garnished with shrimp, Mexican tamarindos and fruit. However, the best way to have a Michelada is with a Mexican lager, that way it stays original.  My favorite Michelada is the one my dad makes and nothing can compare to that one. Unfortunately he can't always make them for me whenever I'm craving one, so I have to find something as good as his. In honor of National Michelada Day I compiled a list of the top 5 Micheladas in Brownsville. These locations are places I have either frequented or have been suggested by others. Which is your favorite Michelada?  

Los Trevi Drive Thru - 605 Central Blvd

    The best thing about Los Trevi Drive Thru is that they have 5 locations across town, so if you are ever in the mood for a Michelada you don’t have to drive far. I have been buying Micheladas from Los Trevi for a couple of years now (in Brownsville & Matamoros) and the manager Arturo was there and he recommended I order their Michelada Preparada. The Michelada Preparada is garnished with dried shrimp, cucumber, and a tamarindo candy stick, with lime, chamoy and Mexican chili. The chili mix they use is great! I usually order the regular Michelada but I decided to go big. If you decide to do the same make sure you have someone else in the car to hold it, if not the entire thing will collapse on your lap. Before I even got to drink the Michelada I ate the fresh cucumber and dried shrimp on the ride home. When I took off the lid it had a lot of the Michelada Mix which is wonderful! Los Trevi Micheladas are consistent with their taste and it's not too spicy or too citric, it's just right. This is perfect for an outdoor event or even to cure a hangover! Also be on the lookout for their specials, all locations have a designated day for 99 cent Micheladas.


La Guera Micheladas - 6933 N Expressway 77

    La Guera Micheladas are known for their Micheladas. They have always been one of my favorites. While the owner has changed locations from time to time she has her faithful customers that follow her. I spoke to the owner Letty and she mentioned that you will never taste a Michelada like hers since her recipe is only known by her children whom are the only ones who work at her location. The Michelada is topped with a kabob that includes 2 large shrimp, juicy pineapple and cucumber. She uses a different chili mix than the previous establishment but it was also great! As I was paying I was already eating the kabob and was tempted to ask for another. The Michelada itself is very refreshing and has a nice citric taste to it; I think some of the pineapple juice got in there which was even better. You can enjoy your Michelada at the establishment as she has tables and also serves seafood. La Guera is now open late in case you have a late night Michelada craving.   

Mi Pueblito Restaurant - 3101 Pablo Kisel

    Everyone knows Mi Pueblito Restaurant has delicious authentic Mexican food on both sides of the border.  I was told they also had great Micheladas so I made my way over there. The Michelada was served in large 20oz chabela glass with a Mexican chili rim and topped with olives. What I enjoyed most about it was that it was not too big or small, just right. The bartender took his time making it but now I know why… it was really good and flavorful and I like the contrast between the spiciness and icy cold temperature. This Michelada is pretty close to the one my dad makes; basic and full of flavor so I will definitely be coming back for more. The great thing about enjoying a Michelada at Mi Pueblito is that you can have some great food. I paired it with some grilled nopales and queso. 

Historic Palm Lounge - 757 E. Elizabeth St

    I had been to the original Palm Lounge when I was in college and they have always been recognized for having good burgers and very cold canned beer. Well they recently remodeled the place and it looks nothing like the original! They really updated the place and now have live music. I had never had a Michelada there and it had been suggested by a couple of people and let me tell you I was not disappointed. The Michelada was served in a chilled 34oz mug with a chili rim and the first sip had a great spicy kick to it and it left a spicy lingering taste on my tongue. If you like your Michelada to have a good kick to it then go to the Historic Palm Lounge, you won't regret it. 

Dog House Bar & Grill - 568 Springmart Suite 700

    Last year there was a Michelada contest at the Dog House and they won first place, so it was only fair I make a pit stop there. The bartender asked me right away if I wanted it spicy or just mild, of course I went with spicy. This Michelada was served in frosted salt rimmed mug and you could tell they added a lot of Worcestershire sauce because it was pretty dark at the bottom. The Michelada was good and had a nice tangy taste to it and didn’t leave any weird aftertaste like other micheladas. I would have ordered another one but then I had my eyes on the craft beer selection they have.  


There you have it! These are the top 5 places in Brownsville I personally suggest to have a Michelada. If you have not had one from one of these places I recommend you try one! A Michelada is perfect for this scorching heat. Happy National Michelada Day!!