Mexican Style Grilled Corn

This grilled corn recipe is perfect for a BBQ or any hot summer day. These are foolproof and very tasty and trust me, you will probably end up eating more than one. The best thing about these grilled corns is how inexpensive they are so you can double or triple this recipe. 

Olive oil or butter, for brushing
4 ears of corn, shucked
Aluminum foil
½ cup Mayonnaise
¼ cup cilantro
½ cup grated queso fresco or cotija cheese
2 teaspoons chili powder or any Mexican chili spice you may find
2 - 3 limes
2 teaspoons salt



Brush ears of corn with olive oil or butter and wrap each one individually with aluminum foil.

Pre-heat gas grill to 350-400 degrees F and while grill is preheating add lemon juice and salt to mayonnaise and mix well. Make sure all the other ingredients are separated in small bowls. 

Add wrapped corn to grill and turn frequently for about 20-25 minutes (you can open one up to see how tender it is). Remove from grill. 

Unwrap each corn and spread mayo mixture over each corn, then add chili powder and top with cheese and cilantro. 

Enjoy while warm. 

Bon Appetite!