In 1992, Ellen Snodgrass published a cook book titled Fisherman's Choice: Favorite Seafood Recipes from the Texas Coast.  This cook book includes recipes from local Brownsville families, restaurants and chefs from along the coast.  The book has over 100 recipes and is broken down into 8 sections which include appetizers, soups, salads and seafood from fish to scallops and everything in between.    
I was able to borrow a copy of the book from Ms. Snodgrass' son and as I was going through the recipes I told him I would cook one.  There were so many to choose from but in the end I decided on Myrtles Shrimp Pilau. The word Pilau refers to a rice dish that has been prepared in broth and with onions, vegetables and shellfish.  The reason I chose this recipe is because I love shrimp and rice, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  The recipe is easy to prepare and requires very little ingredients.  I chose to use half of the recommended ingredients as there was only 2 of us eating, and not the 6-8 the recipe serves. 
I used a 6 quart Dutch Oven when I made this and everything fit perfectly.  I substituted vegetable oil for bacon grease, but I can only imagine how it would taste with the bacon grease.  While sautéing the vegetables with the tomato paste it gives off a delicious aroma.  I could not wait for it to be ready!!!  I would certainly make this again; it is delicious and has a great Cajun flavor to it.  I would recommend cooking this on a weekend because it does take over an hour to make. 
Myrtle's Shrimp Pilau

2lbs of shrimp, cleaned & peeled
2 cups of cooked rice
1 cup chopped bell pepper
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 large can of tomato paste (plus 3 cans water)
Seasoning mix (to taste) I used Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning
Salt, pepper
Sauté vegetables and garlic in bacon grease, or vegetable oil. 
Add tomato paste and water; cook for 20 minutes.
Add the raw shrimp and cook for 10 minutes; add rice, cover and continue to cook on low heat for 45 minutes to an hour. 
Serves 6 to 8 people. 
Recipe is from: 
Myrtle Snodgrass
Brownsville, TX