Sourdough bread


1 hrs 35 mins 1 hrs 35 mins


makes 2 loaves


  • 500g strong unbleached white bread flour, plus extra for dusting

  • 300g sourdough starter

  • 2 tsp brown sugar

  • 2 tsp salt

  • Flavourless oil for greasing

  • Water as required


  1. Take a large mixing bowl, add flours and salt and mix well.

  2. In another bowl mix sourdough starter and water together.

  3. Pour in starter water and mix until flour is fully incorporated.

  4. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Stretch the dough, right in the bowl.

  5. Repeat 15 minutes later.

  6. Cover and let rest on the kitchen counter overnight for 8-14 hours.

  7. In the morning, stretch, fold and shape.

  8. Place it in a greased bowl, let it rise for 1 hour in the refrigerator while the oven preheats.

  9. Bake for 35 minutes. It is ready to serve.